About us

Reiwa On New Year’s Day, we started and departed this long journey.

“Beside the journey of  heart”

Creative Produce

Music produce, Artist management, Production of visual works

Art Curating

Event management, Culture creation, Founding & Organizing the art context

Think about Music

Extend art across disciplines

Ryuuta Takaki

makran Founder/Executive Producer/Art Director

Ryuuta Takaki is a beatmaker / artist based in Tokyo and the founder and producer of makran.


our vision


We are thinking about the future of the Japanese music scene.
So we don’t think that Japan is the only stage where we are active.
Movement of people and things has always been a source of enrichment for humanity and culture.

It is not unrelated in the history of the island country.
We gather the power of the Asian music scene and head west.