Shnayhon Yoso

He was 16 years old at that time, met Ryuuta Takaki and started production from that day. The unique linguistic sense and poetry are not bound by the linguistic character of Japanese, and freely depict scenes and emotions. It has an oriental melody sensation and creates a unique world by combining it with poetry.



Beautiful melody sense and catchiness with strong influence from US R&B will be reborn into a new J-POP by passing his sensitivity. Expand J-POP with experimental attitude and universal melody sense.

Singer/BAND/walking world map

Autumn Fruit

Autumn Fruit is everywhere. She may have been the girl sat next to you on the train today. Her songs root out the ambiguity lurking in people’s hearts, the sensitivity, the violence and the loneliness. Spot light: I saw her holding a cigarette and saying “I quit smoking. Smoking whilst drinking doesn’t count… does it….?”​

Singer/concept/artificial intelligence



makran Executive Producer/art director/MOON RACE

Ryuuta Takaki